If thin lips are the reason you don’t smile, you may benefit from minimally invasive lip augmentation treatments. Dr. Robert Tornambe offers effective lip augmentation services to enhance your natural lips, giving you fuller, natural-looking results. From the comfort of his Madison Plastic Surgery office in New York City, you can achieve your cosmetic goals and learn to love your smile again. Schedule a consultation online or by calling the office to learn more.

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What is lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a popular surgical procedure that enhances the natural look and contours of your lips, giving you fuller, more voluptuous lips. Treatment usually includes both the upper and lower lip to ensure a well-balanced appearance.

Dr. Tornambe also offers lip reduction surgeries to reduce excess fat and redefine your lip shape. This is a surgical procedure that usually involves liposuction of fat cells to reduce the size and re-contour the shape of your lips.

Am I a good candidate for lip augmentation?

You may be a good candidate for lip augmentation if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your lips due to an irregular shape or a lack of volume.

If you’re in good overall health and have reasonable expectations of treatment outcomes, Dr. Tornambe can recommend lip augmentation services to improve your appearance and self-confidence.

How does lip augmentation work?

Dr. Tornambe prefers using hyaluronic injectables, including JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC, to achieve the best-looking, longest-lasting results. He administers lip injections in a comfortable office environment.

Dr. Tornambe uses a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during your procedure. He injects the solution into specific treatment areas and may overfill certain parts of your lip to achieve optimal results.

You can expect to go home immediately following treatment, with only a few limitations, such as avoiding strenuous physical activity for up to four days to maintain your results.

How long do lip augmentation results last?

In many cases, injectable lip treatments offer results that last three to four months. You may need additional maintenance treatments throughout the year to retain your fuller lip size and shape.

Dr. Tornambe creates a customized treatment plan for future lip injections to ensure you retain results and achieve your cosmetic goals.

Will my lip augmentation results look natural?

Dr. Tornambe is highly experienced in lip augmentation services. He creates a custom treatment plan geared toward your specific needs and cosmetic goals to provide you with the most natural-looking results.

All too often, lip augmentations go wrong because other doctors are too aggressive with treatment. This type of approach often gives you the ‘trout pout’ appearance rather than the natural-looking, fuller lips that Dr. Tornambe provides.

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